I really want to visit New Zealand. It’s not a sudden impulse or product of my The Hobbit DOS anticipation though. I actually wanted to see NZ since LOTR films came out. When ROTK premiered I was 12 and I graduated primary school top of the class and so my mom promised she’d take me there to see those amazing landscape but she ditched the plan in the end and took me to Perth for a farm stay vacation because it was more kid activity oriented ugh. I got to see the most gorgeous starlit sky at the farm and played with baby pet kangaroos so I guess I don’t regret it. And that desire to see NZ sorta faded to the back. After Europe and the crowds and city and touristy oriented adventure… I’m honestly tired of all that. I long for nature! Wanna get some tree-hugging, mountain-lovin, cave-divin action going!

If I manage to balance some form of part time job next year, I should be able to save enough for a NZ trip end 2014 (before I begin writing that dreaded dissertation paper ). I wonder if I can make the trip coincide with Hobbit: TABA premiere if it’s in Wellington :o

the possibilities….